Case Study

The Herrick House

Services: Interior & Exterior Painting, Carpentry

The Herrick House is an assistant living residence with approximately 90 private apartments within a four story building. In May 2012, the maintenance director called Presto to bid on painting the facility. They had just won a grant from the state of Massachusetts and wanted to put the funds in good use. They wanted to paint the exterior of the building.

Before a bid was presented by Presto, Presto went on site and spent an hour or so taking pictures and notes. We were informed after we were awarded the bid even though we were one of the highest bidders, we were awarded the project because of the great attention to detail presented in out proposal and the professionalism of our estimators. 

The project presented some challenges as we had to be extremely vigilant on site to account for the daily foot traffic from family and friends visiting the elders residing on location.

We began by setting up staging for easier access on the rear areas of the building and articulating boom trucks for the front sides. Once the staging was in place, we began with sanding & scraping of the trims and body of the building using FIN sanders connected to HEPA vacuums to prevent the spreading of dust. All EPA and OSHA regulations are always followed on each and every project.

During the preliminary sanding stage, we were able to spot problem wood areas (such as rot) and address them with our carpentry crew. We replaced all the rotted wood with composite trim boards. Once the exterior was sanded and scraped, our painters continued caulking followed by priming with an oil based primer. The building was painted with a Latex finish paint.

Once the painting project was completed, we were asked to provide a quote to replace the windows in two phases. The first phase consisted of ordering and installing 150 new windows. The remaining windows will be replaced during phase two.

Presto also performs minor interior painting projects for the Herrick House as requested and needed by the maintenance director.